Wooden Clothes Drying Rack: An Easy Way to Save Money, AND your Clothes!

What could be simpler than drying your clothes, especially on a wooden clothes drying rack? Everyone knows that air-drying your laundry is easier on your clothes (and the environment!) than an electric or gas dryer. So why not utilize a simple, environmentally friendly technology that really works? By using our sturdy-built wooden drying racks for even a portion of your laundry, you can lower your energy bill and make your clothes last longer.

Wooden Clothes Drying RackI know what you are thinking, “Those wooden clothes drying racks are great, but they are so flimsy and cheaply made that they just break after a few months”. You know what? You are absolutely right! Most of the wood drying racks on the market are poorly constructed out of the cheapest materials available, and tend to break after just a few months.

That’s why we decided to make a wooden clothes drying rack, right here in Cottage Grove Wisconsin, that would not only do the job it was designed for, but hold up to the heavy wet jeans, towels, comforters, and jackets that tend to over-tax those cheap racks. Our sturdy-built North American hardwood drying racks give you plenty of drying space, and fully collapse for easy storage. The frames are constructed with ¾” x 1 ¼” thick hardwood, along with ¾” round dowels to hang your heaviest laundry items. The dowels are also attached to the frame using screws, not staples, giving you the strongest possible construction.

Air drying your clothes using a  wooden clothes drying rack is an easy way to save money by utilizing the free energy of the sun. You all ready know that using one of these racks will work, and that you should be air drying your favorite clothes to make them last longer. So what are you waiting for? Order one (or two) of our wooden clothes drying racks today!

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