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Below are some of the comments we’ve received from our customers. If you would like to give your feedback, just submit a comment in the form at the bottom of this page! We’ll also post pictures of the drying racks in action if you send those along too.

The Benson Wood Products clothes drying rack is laundry room luxury!

The sturdy, solid construction, ample space for both hanging and laying clothes, and the smooth-as-silk finish have made this rack indispensable to our family. Standing tall, its elegant design not only takes me back to slower and simpler days, but provides a practical, earth-friendly service – socks and t-shirts patiently dried by the techno-free breath of nature.

After using many “off the rack” racks for years, this one outshines them all – it’s a household
work of art that truly makes me look forward to laundry day!

Ann H.
Deerfield, WI

I purchased the large drying rack, and am impressed with both the sturdiness and the amount of drying space. I am very happy with with my new clothes rack and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Wenatchee, WA

Without a doubt this is the best drying rack I have ever used, and I have used a lot of them in my 79 years. This one is sturdy and simply beautiful, designed to last a lifetime. Too bad I didn’t get it 58 years ago when first married!

Santa Fe, NM

This is the sturdiest drying rack that I have ever used. I have gone through several over the years, and they just don’t last. This drying rack is obviously built to last.

Madison, WI

We purchased three of your drying racks and found them to be of the greatest quality. They are made of good wood and are quite nice looking. I am using one in my guest room as a quilt display. I plan on buying several more of the smallest size to give as gifts – and to replace my small one which I already gave to an admiring neighbor.
Thanks so much for a wonderful product!

Houston, TX


I just wanted to tell you that was crazy fast shipping.  I ordered the rack one morning, and it was delivered the next!  I am also so impressed with this large drying rack.  I’ve tried others, and they failed.  One was full of long splinters, one broke, and another just kept collapsing and I grew tired of putting it back together every time I used it.  This rack is so solid and big.  We use cloth diapers, and the rack holds a full load of diapers, wipes, covers, and a large wet bag with room to spare!  My five kids can easily fit all their towels and swimsuits on it.  I have been looking for two years for a good drying rack.  I will highly recommend this rack to others.  Plus, I love buying stuff NOT made in China, and so was happy to spend the money on a USA-made, high quality product.  THANK YOU.


I just wanted to say that I received my new laundry rack and it is BEAUTIFUL. Extremely sturdy and well-made, and big enough to hold a full load. It seems lame to be excited about a drying rack, but I am!  Thanks,

New York

The rack arrived yesterday and it is awesome!  It is larger than my original ones from 22 years ago, but the quality is exactly what I was looking for and so glad I waited until your site popped up for me.  I’m looking at the medium sized one as I think that’s the size of my old ones, for future order.


Your well designed wooden clothes drying rack arrived on schedule and I put it to work immediately. It is much more versatile than the one it is replacing, and I am very satisfied. Keep up the good work!




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  1. My wife and I had ordered a drying rack from another company. It arrived broken. We returned it and then ordered a drying rack from Benson. We are so pleased that we did. The Benson large size drying rack was better made than its counter-part from a competitor. Thus far we are very pleased with our drying rack. Should that change, we’ll let someone know. And not only was the Benson product better made, it was actually less expensive. Go figure.

  2. This drying rack outshines them all! It is very well built and sturdy, as well as easy to open, close and carry. There is no worry about dowels breaking as with many of the others. It holds a lot of heavy wet jeans and jackets and does not snag clothing. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money for a quality product. It is worth every penny!

  3. I love wood. I also love it when form/function/beauty come together in my home. This drying rack does just that. I live in CA and rarely use my dryer. I have used many drying racks in my life but this one, surely, will be my last. It holds an entire large capacity front loader wash load and does it with style! Thank you for making a beautiful, WELL-MADE product.
    KQ from CA

  4. EXCELLENT wood drying rack! SUPERB customer service! FAST shipping. QUALITY, well-made, roomy drying rack that doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.
    I wish I had bought this much sooner, the difference between this SUPER wood drying rack and my old one is like night and day. I wish I could post a picture of them side by side, hilarious.
    I just washed Lularoe clothing, nursing scrubs, lingerie and delicate compression hose and fit everything on this drying rack. It is very STURDY.
    I decided to buy one for each of my children because I know it will provide service for years to come.
    I bought the large size, it has an AWESOME row of dowels half way up, something I didn’t see on any competitor’s drying racks.

  5. I am very impressed in the quality of the wood and the sturdiest . I would highly recommend this clothes rack. I purchase the large one and I am impressed in the size of it. I am very happy with clohes rack. Thank you. sincerly Christine Wenatchee, Washington

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